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Edinburgh, Scotland

I absolutely loved our 4-night stay in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.  We also made a day trip to Glasgow while we there. Although Scotland has a capital, it is not an independent country, even though you may see it referred to as such.  It is part of the United […]

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Sorry, We’re Closed

Lorsch & Maulbronn UNESCO Sites, DE After we visited Amiens, France a couple of weeks ago and realized that the cathedral there is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, I went on the UNESCO website to see which other sites I had visited.  Turns out I’ve been to about 50 of […]

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Champagne on a Beer Budget

Reims, France We spent the long Labor Day weekend in Reims, France.   Reims is one of the centers of the Champagne region. Although the term “champagne” is often used to generically describe sparkling wine, legally only sparkling wine made from grapes from the Champagne region of France can be called […]

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