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It’s Mines, All Mines!

Harz Mountains of Germany Part II In the last blog post, you saw that we visited a few towns in the Harz Mountains region of Germany and that I wrote quite a bit about our stop in Quedlinburg, whose old town is part of a UNESCO site. The town of […]

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Hildesheim, DE

Hildesheim is a city in Northern Germany that is home to a UNESCO site called St. Mary’s Cathedral and St. Michael’s Church.  I’m not quite sure why UNESCO lumps sites together like that as they are several blocks apart.  In any case, we visited both St. Mary’s and St. Michael’s […]

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Heppenheim, DE

A Hidden Gem Did you know that the Oxo company, of bouillon cube fame, was founded by a man who was an apprentice in Heppenheim, Germany? That of course was not the main reason for our visit to that town.  It was just a fun fact that we learned while […]

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