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I Smell a Rat!

Hameln, DE On the way back to our hotel after visiting the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, we stopped in the town of Celle to find a nice place to have dinner for Sean’s birthday. Celle is another town known for its half-timbered houses and it contains over 400 of them.  The […]

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It’s Mines, All Mines!

Harz Mountains of Germany Part II In the last blog post, you saw that we visited a few towns in the Harz Mountains region of Germany and that I wrote quite a bit about our stop in Quedlinburg, whose old town is part of a UNESCO site. The town of […]

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A Castle in Kassel

Kassel, DE Kassel, Germany had been on my list of places to visit because there is a UNESCO site there called Berpark Wilhelmshöhe. Once I started researching the area, though, I realized there was a lot more to it than the UNESCO site. We started off our weekend in Kassel […]

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Wismar, DE

The last full day of our long weekend in northern Germany started off with a drive to Wismar. Like Stralsund LINK and Lübeck LINK, the two other cities we’d visited over the weekend, Wismar is known for its Brick Gothic architecture.  Along with Stralsund, Wismar makes up one half of […]

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The Fagus Factory, Alfeld, DE

No, the title of this post is not a grammatical error.  A shoe last is an actual thing that you will found out more about in a minute. After our visit to Hildesheim,   LINK   we made a stop before heading home.  That stop was a visit to the Fagus […]

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Hildesheim, DE

Hildesheim is a city in Northern Germany that is home to a UNESCO site called St. Mary’s Cathedral and St. Michael’s Church.  I’m not quite sure why UNESCO lumps sites together like that as they are several blocks apart.  In any case, we visited both St. Mary’s and St. Michael’s […]

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