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  • Iceland is Hot!

    Iceland is Hot!

    This is not your average blog post on Iceland with tips on visiting the Blue Lagoon or the Gullfoss waterfall. There are plenty of those out there already. Instead, in this post you will find […]

  • These Go To Eleven

    These Go To Eleven

    The Elfstedentocht. Ever heard of it? No, neither had we until we were planning a trip to the Netherlands. The Elfstedentocht, or Eleven Cities Tour, is an ice-skating race around – you guessed it – […]

  • Nine Towns In Four Years

    Nine Towns In Four Years

    Welp, it took us almost 4 years but we finally completed one section of the Deutsche Fachwerkstrasse or German Half-Timbered House Road. The road has 7 sections and the one we completed, called “From the […]

  • It’s Not All Black and White

    It’s Not All Black and White

    During our week in Romania, we based ourselves in Brasov as a central location to explore the Transylvania region. Although we spent only one day exploring Brasov itself, it luckily turned out to be the […]

  • A Tale of Two Castles

    A Tale of Two Castles

    Shortly before our trip to Romania, one of my coworkers went there on a business trip and told me that he visited Bran Castle, also known as Dracula’s Castle, while he was there. He said […]

  • A Tale of Two Fortresses

    A Tale of Two Fortresses

    The day after our trip to Sighișoara, we awoke to even worse weather than we’d had the previous day. It was very cold and foggy with that annoying type of misty rain and I ended […]

  • Dracula Slept Here

    Dracula Slept Here

    For our visit to Romania, we decided that instead of spending a long weekend exploring only the capital city as we often do, we’d spend a week and check out some other parts of the […]

  • A Vision In Belgrade

    A Vision In Belgrade

    We discovered the wonder that is the Eurovision Song Contest while vacationing in Lake Bled, Slovenia back in 2012. Ever since then, we’ve watched it in a different European country each year. In 2013 we […]

  • Reality Czech

    Reality Czech

    Since moving to Germany in 2011, I have spent my birthday in a different European country each year. In 2011 it was Germany, followed by Italy and San Marino in 2012 (yup, I spent my […]


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